Garden Group Management provides a centralized management office to help businesses within The Garden Group  network of companies reduce costs through shared overhead and expertise.

Our Team

Our growing team adds value through providing market-leading service to all businesses within The Garden Group network of companies:

Viet Nguyen

Viet Nguyen

Finance Manager

(469) 291-8688
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Paul Marlow

Paul Marlow

Branch Manager

(817) 386-4084
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Melody Tigert

Customer Care Supervisor

(817) 386-4084

Paula Rogers

Customer Care Specialist

(817) 386-4084

Cristina Harris

Staff Accountant

(214) 556-3405

Stacia Splawn

Customer Care Specialist

(817) 386-4084

In the winter of 2013, my wife and I tried to start our own pest control company with a small signature loan of $5,000 and a bunch of donated equipment. We didn’t have enough working capital to keep the company afloat long enough to grow our customer base to scale. When I was approached in November 2016 by Josh Terry and Charles Marlow about starting a pest control company, I had similar concerns. However, this time I had the support I needed. Mars Services’ existing customer base included hundreds of properties that were happy with their service, alleviating my primary fear. Josh Terry, through The Garden Group, provided ample capital to grow the business to scale. And Garden Group Management has provided the back-office support I have needed along the way so that I can focus on managing and growing the business. Mars Pest-Control, LLC does not lack anything whether it’s tools, advertising, uniforms or products. It feels amazing to be given a second chance at the American dream.

Paul Nunn

President, Mars Pest Control, LLC

Dallas Office

3110 Webb Ave.

Suite 203

Dallas, TX 75205

Fort Worth Office

1663 Hickory Dr.

Suite B

Haltom City, TX 76117

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